H2 BullyDynasty is an international breeding program based out of Houston, Texas. We specialize in producing Exotic Bullies & French Bulldogs. Our objective is to create short, stocky and compact bullies with large muscle mass and girth along with bold statures and robust heads. Whether you are looking for a great companion to add to your family or searching for great foundation blood to help transform your kennel, H2BullyDynasty is your #1 resource for delivering extraordinary dogs & service.

We have imported the highest quality French bulldog blood from selective countries around the world to be able to provide premium quality Companions. Also gathered up some of the best producing bloodlines from around the world to produce our own unique and uncategorized version of the Exotic Bully. We are dedicated in promoting a positive image for the breeds by selectively breeding the best of the best.  We offer worldwide access along with the option to have your dog shipped via air travel or ground transportation.

We would love to hear from you with any questions or interests. Please feel free to contact us directly via phone, text, email and social media pages.

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